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Neu Urgent Care

Urgent Care & Addiction Medicine located in Hazel Park, MI

When you’re already in the office for urgent care or an annual checkup, you shouldn’t have to waste time traveling to another facility to get blood drawn and lab tests performed. That’s why the team at Neu Urgent Care in Hazel Park, Michigan, provides onsite lab services, including blood draws, urinalysis, and other specialized tests. To receive comprehensive care for acute and chronic health problems, call the office, book a same-day appointment online with Dr. Mohamed Saleh MD,DC, or simply walk into the clinic.

Lab Services

How do I benefit from in-house lab services?

In keeping with their dedication to offering comprehensive health care, the team at Neu Urgent Care maintains an onsite lab. They can perform the tests needed to provide individualized care, which is an exceptional benefit for your overall health. You also gain advantages such as:


You won’t waste time traveling to another facility for lab work.

Quicker results

You can wait for some results and they often get faster turnaround for tests sent out to a lab for evaluation.

Personalized care

Your lab work is performed by health care professionals who are familiar with your medical history and who care for your well-being. They also understand issues like needle anxiety, so they can take the procedure slowly or make sure you have a topical anesthetic.

What lab services are available?

At Neu Urgent Care, trained lab technicians draw your blood, perform blood work onsite, and send blood samples to a lab for specialized testing if necessary. You can also have a full urinalysis or receive urine drug testing. The lab technicians also perform rapid strep throat and flu testing.

Frequently performed lab tests and the reason they’re ordered include:

  • Complete blood count: screens for many medical conditions, including infections and anemia

  • Urinalysis: screens for urinary tract infections, kidney function, and diabetes

  • Lipid profile: checks blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides

  • Serum glucose: tests for diabetes

  • Thyroid screening: tests for high or low levels of thyroid hormones

  • Metabolic panel: indicates the health of your kidneys and liver, and measures electrolytes, glucose, and blood protein

This list isn’t comprehensive. There are hundreds of lab tests that are performed using your blood sample drawn at Neu Urgent Care.

When might I need lab services?

You may need lab work to test for an acute illness when you come in for urgent care services. Your doctor at Neu Urgent Care may perform lab tests when you experience new symptoms or to screen for chronic health conditions during a routine examination. The team also draws blood and collects urine samples to test for STDs. 

The bottom line is that 70% of all medical decisions are based on lab tests, making them essential for accurately diagnosing the underlying cause of your symptoms.

If you have any questions about in-office lab services or you need to schedule an appointment, call Neu Urgent Care or use the online booking feature.

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